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Introduction to Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial

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Quiz: Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness TutorialASME Pressure Vessel Code Simplifed Book`

This will test your general knowledge. Good luck!

  1. What is the most important safety device on a pressure vessel?

    A.)Pressure Regulator

    B.)Over-pressurization Device

    C.)Pressure Gage

  2. Can anyone weld on a pressure vessel?

    A.) Yes

    B.) No

  3. If welding is done on a pressure vessel, what documentation do you need?

    A.) Work Order

    B.) Purchase Order

    C.) National Board B and PV Code R-1 or R-2

  4. 4) Who has jurisdiction over your pressure vessels?

    A.) OSHA

    B.) Federal

    C.) State

  5. 5) What OSHA requirement should you be concerned with that pertain to pressure vessels?

    A.) General Duty Clause

    B.) 1910.119

    C.) Both


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