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Introduction to Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial

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Name Plates or Badges on Pressure Vessels

What are name plates and why are they so important?

Name plates or badges are permanent fixtures of the pressure vessels. They must be stamped into the vessel and or fastened permanently to the pressure vessel. They cannot be attached to a control panel or to a saddle support or casing.

The first figure represents a nameplate for a boiler; however, the pressure vessel nameplate looks very similar. The other three figures are the U-stamp, which take place of the S-stamp, that is required for pressure vessels unless there is a UM-stamp is for miniature pressure vessels. The UV-stamps is for over pressurization devices.

They are typically found near an inspection opening. When there is no inspection opening then they are located in a conspicuous place.Without a nameplate, the pressure vessel is considered non-code.


Where would you except to find the pressure vessel name plate?

    A.) At the manway opening.

    B.) Just below the safety valve.

    C.) On a pressure vessel support.

    D.) On control panel.


A) At the manway opening.

If there is no manway opening then the name plate will be in a conspicuous place. In all cases the nameplate must be permanentlyfastened to [only] the vessel and not control panels, supports, or otherremovable components.

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