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Introduction to Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial

Safety - Accidents - Investigations - Inspections - Training - Instructions

  ASME Pressure Vessel Code Simplifed Book`

Conclusion of Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial

Answers to Quiz
  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. C

If you got 4 out of 5 right congratulations you passed. However, if you got 3 [or less] out of 5 right you might want to review the course.

Remember - Be Safe   Thumbs Up

  1. It is up to you to let you employer know of a hazard...OSHA General Duty Clause. Keep employees from being exposed to recognized hazards that are likely to cause injury or death.Make sure there is over pressurization protection for every pressure vessel. Casual attitudes toward safety promotes carelessness.
  2. Every accident is in some way the result of human error even with the best of intentions.
Questions to ask yourself
  1. Know the limits of your pressure vessels; are they safe for what you are using them for.Make sure they are built to a known standard. Ensure they are in jurisdictional [City, State, or Providence] compliance.Make sure the safety devices are appropriate for the vessel, usage, and are installed correctly.Is there a pressure gage? Inspect the vessel before using it, by doing a walk down. If you think this is silly then you need training. ‘Do Not’ rely on the previous user…do your own inspection...Place a check list on the wall of what should be inspected before use. If there is a possibility that more than one person will use the PV consider posting operating instructions.
  2. Make sure the fittings and gaskets are appropriate for the usage, contents, and vessel. Is the pressure vessel still in as safe a condition as if it was new?


You just took the shift over, the PV was noted by leaking fluid from under the insulation. What do you do?Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness and Risk Assessment Seminar

  1. Ignore it.
  2. Talk about it in break-room.
  3. Let the next shift find it.
  4. Neither A, B, or C.


D) Neither. Follow your company's procedures. If they are not clear, then immediately bring this to the attention of your supervisor. Let others beware of any known hazards that might affected them.

The Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial cannot possible address every requirement and was never intended to. This tutorial was intended to increase workers awareness of pressure vessel safety for those that work with and around pressure vessels. Our intention was to begin to build a better foundation for pressure vessel understanding. Over the years, these topics were based on decades of extensive experience from questions like you.


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