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Introduction to Pressure Vessel Safety Awareness Tutorial

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Pressure Vessel CodesBuy your ASME Section V Div 1 Pressure Vessel Construciton Code

Do you recognize any of these codes. If not, you should begin to know how each one applies to the pressurevessels you work around. You do not need to quote a code to understand its’ purpose.

ASME ‘American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ - From Construction toPostConstruction

NBIC ‘National Board Inspection Code - Repair and Inspection Code’

API-510 ‘American Petroleum Institute - Pressure Vessels used in Buy your NBIC Today!Chemical&Petroleum’

ASNT ‘American Society Nondestructive Testing’ - Nondestructive Examination of Materials

NEC ‘National Electrical Code [NFPA- National Fire Protection Association]-ElectricalDevices


NFPA ‘National Fire Protection Association’ - Service Conditions & Special HazardsBuy Your Pressure Vessel Code Book Today!

API-650 ‘American Petroleum Institute’ - <15-psig to Atmospheric- Aboveground Storage Tanks

DOT - Department of Transportation - Transportable Pressure Vessels

UL ‘Underwriters Laboratory’- Aboveground Storage Tanks and Electrical Devices

ASTM, ANSI,…are material specificationsBuy Your NFPA 70E Today!

States & Providences adopt National Codes or create their own parallel code.




Pressure Vessel Codes and the Chemical Safety Board

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